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HOA Lawn Maintenance

We prefer maintaining the landscapes we install to ensure their well being. With the help of our professional lawn care technicians, your yard will be maintained year round.  As a full-service company, we handle every aspect of your HOA or estate landscaping.


We repair and install irrigation on even the most challenging sites. Our irrigation crew is loaded with over 30 years of experience. There is no repair or job too complicated for our irrigators, they have seen everything!

Our Services

Weed Treatment

Different grasses require different weed treatments. For example, a chemical that is effective and safe for weeds in St. Augustine would be toxic to Bermuda grass. No matter what type of grass, our certified applicators can come up with a treatment plan that is both safe and effective.

Tree Trimming

Whether your HOA needs major tree trimming for safety, disease treatment, ANSI compliance, or simply want to sculpt trees for aesthetics, our Staff Arborist will make sure your trees are properly cared for.


Core aeration loosens rocky, poor Austin soil and allows roots to expand quickly, thereby helping grass spread and become denser. A dense grass will shade the soil from sun-baking, which will help to conserve water usage. Using state-of-theart equipment, we can aerate any area from 400 sf to 40+ acres.

Landscape Design

Landscape design doesn’t just look good, it helps HOAs by creating an environment that is lush and inviting. Any HOA or commercial site that has an outside space should think about designing it to encourage their owners to return again and again.

We are Here

to serve you.

It is a solid reputation of quality service, skilled workmanship, and expert knowledge that has attracted Austin HOAs, top developers, HOA management companies and high-net-worth clients to select Valley View Landscaping as their preferred landscaper.

Our award-winning HOA landscape team provides professional services to enhance your landscaping no matter how big or small.  Collectively, Valley View Landscaping has beautified HOA and Estates for over 10 years.  We provide exceptional services that include 24/7 emergency service, on-site consultations, full-service landscape design, installation, and HOA maintenance.  Our landscape designers and production department work together to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality design and installation.

Our 3-P Philosophy

We treat people fairly.  We pay our employees well and believe their quality of life is important.

We are honest and upfront with our clients. We set realistic expectations, then over-deliver on those promises.

If there are ever issues with our work, we are humble enough to listen, then make it right.

We strive to produce the best work possible for the budgets we work with. Our clients spend their hard earned money, and they deserve good work.  We purchase materials and plants from only the highest-end wholesalers, and proudly pass that quality on to our clients.
Valley View has extensive experience with maintaining HOAs on some of the tightest budgets, as well as clients who approach our service with unlimited budgets.  We are not always the least expensive, but pride ourselves on never being the most expensive.  Our value comes from our attention to detail, responsiveness and expert, in-depth knowledge of all aspects of landscape management.

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